Mark has authored a number of articles on teaching values and leadership to children through high outdoor adventures. In 2001 Mark tested his theories when he took his wife and four children, on a two thousand mile trip from the Oregon coast to the nationís capitol riding specialized tricycles. The trek received international media attention.
As a leadership consultant and trainer, Mark Altman goes beyond merely encouraging his audience to find ways to improve. He shows them the way.


Major Mark Altman prepared for deployment to Iraq

He is much more than a dynamic motivational speaker and a team-building coach. He is a teacher.

Mark Altman educates his audience on how to dream without limits, and how to  reach beyond their wants, fears and expectations. He is engaging. He is entertaining, and his passion and energy is contagious, but his message doesnít fade when the session has ended. Mark has the unique ability to challenge the hearts and the minds of his audiences, and to leave them with enduring lessons in leadership, and the skills and the will to implement them.


8880 North Davis Circle, Hayden, ID  83835 - 208-651-3711

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