If there is a single word that describes Mark Altman, founder of The Altman Leadership Center, it's "Passion." Mark does everything with more than mere enthusiasm.
Ph.D student in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University
Served 20 years in the Army, one tour in Iraq, left as a Major
Newspaper Columnist and book author
Adventurer, husband and father of four great kids

News & Announcements

Mark was recently a guest on KXLY 920 radio providing expertise on leadership as it relates to the Presidency in preparation for the Iowa caucus. You will be able to hear an excerpt of the radio show here shortly. Contact Mark directly here if you would like to book him as a media guest.
Leadership for all the Mountains You Climb is designed for all who wish to practice and exhibit real leadership in all aspects of their lives- family, school, career, volunteer and civic organizations. The philosophy is based upon the principles of Servant Leadership defined by Robert Greenleaf and Principle Centered Leadership by Dr. Steven Covey. I cover all relevant leadership theories and attempt to align the many theories and styles of leadership into a coherent whole.

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Topic Examples

Leadership - For all the facets of your life!
Motivation and Inspiration - Dream without limits!
Vision/Goal Setting - Make a plan. Work the plan!
High Adventure - It's not High Adventure until you take your spouse and kids with you!
Romance - Not love, not sexuality, but still ooh la la!!
Relationships - More laughs, less tears!
Parenting - High achievement, lower stress!

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