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The Altman Leadership Center is a valuable media resource. Whether an expert analysis of leadership is required, or enlightened perspectives on organizations and their functions is requested, Mark Altman is no stranger to an interviewer’s microphone. He is ready to help you inform your audience in terms anyone can comprehend.
Mark Altman is first and foremost an enthusiastic student of the disciplines of leadership. His scholarship is uncommon among professional speaker who present leadership solutions to their clients. Mark currently holds a Masters degree, and continues work toward his Doctorate. He is one of only a few who holds such advanced academic credentials in the field of leadership studies.
Mark Altman also has abundant practical experience to compliment his academic qualifications.   From the battlefield, to the classroom, to the boardroom, his experience as a teacher, lecturer, keynote presenter and consultant is extensive. Altman has authored  many articles on leadership. His new book: “Leadership For All The Mountains You Climb While Loving The View” will be released soon.
Amiable, passionate and engaging, Mark Altman is an interview not soon forgotten. His immense expertise qualifies him as a highly credible analyst and commentator. His dynamic personality makes him a great talk show guest. He is entertaining and energetic, animated and filled with wisdom and insight. He immediately connects with audiences.
You are invited to include Mark Altman and the Altman Leadership Center in your inventory of media resources, and to call upon Mark anytime you need an expert perspective on leadership or organizational dynamics.

Mark was a guest on KXLY 920 radio providing expertise on leadership as it relates to the Presidency in preparation for the Iowa caucus. You will be able to hear an excerpt of the radio show here shortly. Contact Mark directly here if you would like to book him as a media guest.

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