Joann L. Cooper
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Mike Nelson
Program Coordinator,
International Baccalaureate
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Richard J. Sherlock
Brigadier General, US Army
Deputy Chief, Army Reserve
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John Strasheim
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It is very rare that I have the opportunity to hear such beautiful and poignant truths from such an authentic speaker. Your talent for connecting to your audience while also maintaining the highest level of integrity I have ever witnessed is so inspirational and refreshing. You provided a level of honesty and realness that is increasingly absent from group interaction and I don't know how I can thank you enough for your work, your dedication, and your mission.
Your presentations have convinced me that motivational speaking is an art and, more importantly, a calling. I am very sensitive to the intentions of teachers and have frequently been disappointed by them. But not by you. In contrast, I am humbled by how real you are and I wholeheartedly recognize that it is individuals like you unafraid, with uncompromising faith, forge forward into the future, who will allow all of us to realize our potential.
I do not doubt that you have seen the darkest of days. I honor your wisdom and your willingness to transcend all the ugliness.  I know that you have seen human kind at its most fragile and as a consequence, I am sure, its most powerful. If it were not for people like you I would seriously lose all faith.
I have not the ability to verbalize how thankful I am for you sharing your life, your journey, your knowledge and I wish the world was populated by more people like you.
Thank you for being at the IAWP conference. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for believing enough to work as hard as you do to make lives and life better. Your work, truly, is the rare light along this increasingly dark path of life. I hope more have the privilege of your wisdom.
Emily C Jacobs

"Mark Altman, what a find!  He writes well. He cares deeply, and he is very smart! Mark served on a committee at the Human Rights Institute to present a series of programs about domestic violence. Not only did he have many ideas and questions about how we would present the programs, he volunteered to make a presentation himself. Mark knows how to work an audience. His use of the computer to help him with visuals combined with an excellent speaking voice and a ton of charisma earned him outstanding reviews. Mark is finishing a doctorate at Gonzaga University in “Leadership”. Look out! When he is done, with his enthusiasm and talent, he will be a force to be reckoned with."
C. Robert Bennett,
Executive Director of the Human Rights Institute in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“Wow! Mark Altman's dynamic style and passion for life are contagious. His life experiences are as entertaining as they are instructive. Mark, thanks for focusing my team on what's important and how to get the most out of our jobs, our time, and our families.”
Jeff Shipley
Market Manager
North Houston Premier Banking- Bank of America

“While searching for a speaker for our Manager's Retreat, I perused numerous speaker web sites and saw many of the Big Names... still something was missing. Then I came upon, Mark Altman and his Dreams Without Limits! Mark spoke at our Retreat and we were very pleased and delighted with his presentation. His PASSION and ENERGY are something to behold. His experience traveling throughout the world and his career in the Army combined with his unique style and delivery makes his presentation truly worthwhile!"
Alan Burton
Fidelity Title

“Thought I would write this note finally and let you know how great your presentation went. I think it's great to hear about the lessons we learn when we step out of the everyday box we all seem to be stuck in. You really made lemonade out of lemons and you are to be commended for that. Your story about your adventures with your son left me wanting to do something similar with my boys when they are old enough.  Experiences are the only things that will create that kind of a bond.”
Robert Dwyer
President, Houston Chapter
Texas A&M Reveille Club

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