Life Insurance
Life insurance is the foundation to most clients’ financial plan. It provides “peace of mind,” and it can be used to accomplish many goals...such as:
1. Providing Replacement Income*
What if you died today? Would your family be able to survive without the income you provide?
2. Protecting a Mortgage
How would the mortgage be paid? Would your family be able to stay in their current home?
3. Providing Retirement Income
Through cash value growth and tax-deffered accumulation, life insurance can provide an excellent source of retirement income.
4. Providing Estate Liquidity
Life insurance proceeds can provide the estate tax liquidity needed to ensure that your heirs are the recipient of your lifelong accumulation...not the IRS.
5. Ensuring Business Continuation
Life insurance provides an excellent tool to ensure that your business or, a business you are integral to, doesn’t die with you… And much, much more. As we’ve mentioned before, life insurance is a vital part of a sound financial strategy.
6. Providing for Final Expenses
Life insurance provides “Tax-Free” funds to your loved ones that they can use to pay for all your final expenses that will occur upon your death, such as, funeral expenses, ambulance, paramedical, emergency room and physicians’ fees, unpaid debts, unpaid taxes, drug bills, medicare deductibles, and co-insurance charges, etc.
* Based on claim paying ability of issuing company
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