I have been a pet lover all of my life. I moved on to a lover to a collector in 2000, a breeder in 2002, now a store owner in 2007. My love and passion for this industry made this simple. Here at Reptile Addictions & Exotics our mission is simple: Offer the best prices of the highest quality, captive born and bred animals available anywhere, while maintaining the highest standards for their care.

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Since our founding in 2007 we have raised the bar for what a shop should and could be. As hobbyists, we were tired of the status quo. You know the routine in Spokane: smelly, loud, dimly lit pet shops, full of wild caught or farm raised animals crammed into dirty filthy cages... Many of us that grew up here had to learn about pet stores the hard way. Which is why, unsurprisingly, most educated hobbyists write off stores entirely. Animals and their habitats can be clean, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing in your home. Reptile Addictions & Exotics is committed to serving enthusiasts of all levels. As a beginner we'll be sure to protect you and your animal from the many dangerous and useless products available on the market and will work tirelessly to debunk the myths regarding reptiles and their husbandry that have prevailed for so long. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being an indispensable resource to advanced hobbyists and breeders alike. So whether you're looking for a pet or a new breeding project, you've come to the right place.
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Our business depends on your pets' appetite and long term success so rest assured that when you purchase an animal from Reptile Addictions & Exotics you are receiving the very best every time. As breeders, we understand the importance of an organized and well quarantined collection. We believe that the best approach is to be meticulously proactive when screening each and every animal before making it available. You are guaranteed a healthy, feeding, accurately represented animal. We do not sell disposable pets. Our livestock originate exclusively from well trusted, reliable sources. In fact, many of our animals and all of our feeders are produced in-shop, by us. We are very passionate about our animals and take their care very seriously. We do not over sell or under sell products. We only sell you what the animals truly need.
We invite you to visit our retail location and see the difference for yourself.
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