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Birthday Parties

Are your kids tired of the same swim, laser-tag, princes, and bouncing birthday parties year after year? We have something unique and awesome for your child! Reptile Addictions & Exotics animal show, offers entertainment and education!
Our exotic animal shows are completely interactive. We share intriguing facts about the animals while the children hold and pet animals we bring (if they choose to). You may also have us stay longer so that the children can enjoy extra playtime with all their favorite new friends. We love to share our snakes, lizards, and other charming creatures. Our animal presenters will come to your birthday party location, and share why they are important for our environment, and things like what to do when you spot a snake in its natural habitat. We even do  “myth busters”! As age groups are different, each show is adjusted (information) to fit the appropriate age of your child. Does your older child think they are too old for a birthday party?  Tweens and teens love the show - they think it's really cool!
Presenters help both the children and the parents with their fears and apprehensions about reptiles, and most of the time, people who thought they would never touch a snake touch, hold, get their picture taken, and enjoy learning about these fascinating animals.
Having a Animal Birthday Party is an excellent opportunity for children to handle a variety of reptiles and animals, instead of merely looking at them in books or at the pet store. If your child has asked to have one of the animals we have as a pet, seeing the animal up close may help you make the right decision .We love helping families make the right pet match! You can also buy your pet and initial supplies through us and we can even bring it to the birthday party as an extra special present!
We bring non-venomous, non-aggressive and safe animals. We also provide waterless hand sanitizer before and after contact with our pets. The goal is to excite the children and have fun, so they can laugh and understand that reptiles are animals like most others.
25 Person Show
Hour Show - Includes 15 minutes of Q and A
25 Custom Animal Invitations
Reptile crafts the kids can make (for small children)
Reptile Piñata (for small children)
25 Grab Bags – Party Favors (for small children)
Individual Guest Pictures with Animal (for older parties)
Birthday Person Individual Pictures with each animal
Birthday Person Picture with all party guests with Big snake
“Reptile Wrangler” Certificate for Birthday Person
Keepsake Snake Shed for Birthday Person
$250  Total Cost
$100 deposit at booking. $150 paid at start of show.
ALL Shows Include 10 Animals of Your Choosing
Lizards - Bearded Dragon, Blue-Tongued Skink, Leopard Gecko, Chameleon, Savannah Monitor, Crested Gecko, Giant Leaf Tail Gecko, Uromastyx
Turtles - Box Turtle, African Tortoise, Red-foot Tortoise
Snakes - Kingsnake, Corn Snake, Milk Snake, Ball Python, Boa Constrictor, Burmese Python
Frogs - Red Eye Tree Frog, Dart Frog, Pacman Frog
Mammals - Kinkajou, Hedgehog,  Sugar Glider, Degus, Bangel Cat
Mexican Beaded Lizard (cannot be touched) - One of only 3 venomous lizards in the world!

Party Add Ons

Plus It Up - With the Party, for $50 extra you can choose to have two more animals added to the list, plus get a FREE assistant!  Another assistant gets party goers more time with the animals hands on.
Extra Time - We can stay longer after any show. Extra time can be spent doing "open house" (extra turns visiting with the animals), photo ops, or even dividing into smaller shows for large groups).  We can do anything you'd like within the time. It's $25 for an extra 15 minutes, $50 for an extra half hour, and $75 for each additional hour. For shows over 4 hours, we offer flat rate discounts.
Video - Add a 1 hour video of the show for only $75.Enhanced Video edited for keepsake memory is another $100.
Travel Pricing - Travel within 25 miles of 99206 is FREE.  Travel up to 40 miles is $25, Travel up to 60 miles is $40, Travel excess of 60 miles, call for quote.

Also think of us for Boy/Girl Scout troops, family reunions, company picnics, holiday parties, neighborhood gatherings, and any other event needing entertainment!


Before the Party

Parking - A close parking space is greatly appreciated, or at least a close unloading spot. We bring many animal containers and crates.
Shade/Heat - Please use the largest empty room.  Especially in the summer, animals can overheat (and kids do, too); we always need a comfortable shady spot. We can also locate indoors. If it's over 100 degrees then for any of our animals will need to be kept in A/C and can be taken outside just during their part of the show. If access to A/C is not available (ex. parks) then we will need to be provided with 6 bags of ice to put the animal carriers on to keep them cool.
Scheduling - If you're booking us for a show, we highly recommend leaving a little leeway between the start of your party and the start of our show. (15-30 minutes minimum is advised.) If you're running behind schedule, we normally cannot wait to start the show due to multiple, stacking events. So we will have to leave at the original end time and shorten the show. If we are able to delay the start time, you will receive the full time and we charge $5 for every five minutes from the original start time.
Set Up - Our set up time takes about 10 minutes. It goes much faster if the guests can wait to be surprised by the animals until we're ready to start. So, if your show is at 2pm, we'd arrive around 1:45 p.m. to set up.
Large Groups (Parties) - Rather than charging extra, if you're expecting quite a few young guests, we highly recommend booking additional time as it will take longer for all the children to handle each animal. Otherwise we can run out of time and might not be able to bring out every animal. The birthday child always gets to hold everything if they'd like to regardless of the size of the group. With 25 children and under our shows are completely hands-on and everyone holds all the animals if they choose to; with 25-45 children everyone just touches the animals if they'd like; and with groups over 30, we do an interactive show that incorporates many hands-on volunteers.
Large Events - Great for “Open House”: There is no show. Rather we set up with the animals and everyone can visit with the animals at their leisure as we answer any questions about the animals. Any additional time booked after the party is all Open House and everyone can play with their favorites as long as they like.
Animal Safety - Our animals are well-cared for, and are used to being handled by children. However, if one is having an "off day," (just like people do), we will hold it back. We don't force our animals to perform. You need to provide insurance yourself. We hold no liability. Waivers will need to be signed.
Deposit - To book a show with us, a deposit is required. The deposit is non-refundable, but will still apply if the reservation needs to be rescheduled, postponed up to 1 week prior to the date. Any package changes (including cancelling extra time) or postponing within 1 week of the event will only have the deposit credited to a future event if changes were due to rain. All deposit credits must be used within 90 days of the original event date.
Cancellation - If a cancellation notice is not given at least 24 hours before the event, no deposit will be refunded.
Payment (Private Events) - Cash or Check payment is due  prior to the party start. By using our services, the client agrees to these terms.

During the Party

Birthday Child - We start the presentation by having everyone sing a warm, "Happy Birthday" to the birthday child(ren). They will also be the first to handle each animal (if they choose) and also may help us pass around the animals if they'd like to join us as our "Junior Trainer."
Food - If you are having a show, we recommend serving food before or after it. Serving food during the show will be a distraction. We always remind the children to wash their hands after handling the animals. We do carry hand sanitizer, but soap and water is still the best.
Pictures - Taking pictures is encouraged -- as many as you like! Please take pictures while each animal is being featured. Due to time constraints, we aren't able to uncrate them again -- unless you've booked extra play time.
Chairs - You don't need to have chairs for the guests, but we find that younger children especially are more engaged if they sit in a chair. All children must be sitting down when holding an animal.
Air Jumps (Bouncers) - If we're doing a show, it's a good idea to deflate bouncers during the show as it can be a huge distraction for the children.
Supervision - Your children want to share this experience with you! If parents are engaged, the children will be too. Adults love Animal parties just as much as the kids. Sometimes it's the first time parents (and grandparents!) ever touch a snake! If some adults wish to socialize, please do so away from the presentation area to eliminate distraction and noise.

After the Party

Clean Up - We always carry hand sanitizer, but it is important that all guests wash with soap and water after handling animals. Make sure children wash their hands before eating!
Gratuity - Gratuity is not included in the fee, but is optional. Our staff sincerely appreciates your gratuity for a job well done.
Returned Check Policy - Reptile Addictions & Exotics is happy to offer the privilege of accepting a check payment the day of the show. Any returned check is subject to a $35.00 collection fee plus a $10.00 insufficient funds fee when returned check happens initially. If payment is not resolved immediately, there will be a $10 fee added on per week from the original event date. Any amount not paid in full within 30 days is subject to additional interest, penalties, collection fees, and/or additional court fees. By writing a check the day of the show, the check writer agrees to these terms.
Goodbye - If you have not booked us to stay for additional time, we do leave promptly since we often have multiple parties to attend. Happily for us, animal parties are very popular.
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