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We are the only ones on this side of the mountains that can legally sell (USDA) you exotic
pocket pets! Some animals are only available during a certain season. If you do not see a
desired animal on the list, please inquire, we may be able to get it for you!
A USDA brokers license does not mean we breed all of these animals, it means we sell all of these 
animals. Some animals are not available in the state of Washington. Some animals are not available in
other states. Some animals are not being shipped out of Washington. Please refer to your states' guidelines.
African Crested Porcupines
African Cusimanse
African Pouched Rat
Baldwin Pigs
Bangel Cats
Bushy tailed dipodil
Cape Hyrax
Capybara (winter)
Clouded Rat
Designer Chinchillas
Designer Guinea Pigs
Designer Rabbits
Dwarf shrew
Eastern Grey Tree Squirrel
Egyptian Fruit Bat
Egyptian Hedghog
Egyptian weasel
Fanaloka aka Malagasy Civet
Fat tailed gerbil
Fennec Fox (winter)
Flying Squirrels (spring)
Four toad jerboa
Fruit Bats
Gerbils, Fancy
Golden spiny mouse
Greater Egyptian jerboa
Guinea Pigs (abyssians, teddy’s, silkies, shelties)
Hamsters, Designer
Lesser jerboa
Long eared hedgehog
Mice, Fancy
Mice, Pygmy
Mice, Spiny
Mice, Zebra
Micro Mini Teacup Pigs
Munjac Deer
O’Possums (spring)
O’Possum, Short Tail
Patagonian Cavy
Prairie Dogs (spring)
Rats, Fancy
Richardson Ground Squirrels (spring)
Savannah Cat
Siberian Chipmunks (summer)
Skinny Pigs
Skunks (black & white, reverse black & white, albino, champagne, chocolate, lavender) (spring/summer)
Slow Loris
Spotted Cuscus
Spotted Genet
Squirrels (spring)
Sugar Gliders (charcoal, chocolate, white face, white tip, leucistic)
Tailless Scottish Fold Cats
Tomb Bat
Wallabies, Dama (spring)
Wallabies, Bennets (spring)

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