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Saltroom of Spokane Halotherapy Services

This relaxing and restorative non-invasive respiratory cleanse is now available at the Saltroom of Spokane. Salt crystals naturally create negative ions, so it feels pleasant just walking into the Saltroom. The time spent within this natural energy balancing room is very conducive to regeneration. When people who are sensitive to positive/negative ion balances experience a Natural Clarity session in the Saltroom, they come out feeling especially good.
Appointments are available from 10am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Also on weekends if scheduled at least 2 days in advance. Weekend availability varies so please use our online scheduler for exact times.

Natural Clarity Session - Adult Session

45-50 Minutes - $45 per person

Allows you to simply relax and make time for yourself in a lounge chair in our Saltroom. Being surrounded by salt crystals with a slight bit of salt in the air reminds you of an ocean breeze, and the therapeutic value of one session compares to 3 days at the beach! Group Natural Clarity sessions: 2 persons $70, 3 persons $100.
Natural Clarity Session - Children's Session

15-25 Minutes - $40 per child (with attending parent)

Since children are more sensitive to saltís natural healing properties, a shorter treatment duration is needed. Child must be accompanied by parent (parent is free of charge).
Breathe into Balance Saltroom Session

60 minutes - $50 per person

Choose from various recorded meditation journeys or specific tonic frequency music played during a Natural Clarity session.
Allergy Defense Series

$180 - 5 sessions to be used within 2 weeks

Package of five Natural Clarity sessions to help reduce the effects from symptoms of airborne allergies and respiratory conditions. This also helps to improve the immune system and loosen mucus and phlegm.
Respiratory Wellness Series

$250 - 10 sessions to be used within 3 weeks

Package of ten Natural Clarity sessions to help improve breathing by clearing airways, reducing inflammation, killing bacteria and increasing the immune system. (See Allergy Defense)
Salt Crystal Cottage Friends

$200 or $380 - for 3 months or for 6 months

Membership includes one Natural Clarity session per month, one Tea for Two with Faith per month, and one Express Facial by Marianna per month. You also receive: 35% off additional Natural Clarity sessions. 10% off additional Skin Care services by Marianna.
Saltroom Connect Chiropractic

$160 - for 90 minutes

A comprehensive Relaxing, Healing, and Rejuvenating experience in the Saltroom. Dr. David Dannels offers holistic "Connect" method Chiropractic treatments in our salt crystal room.

We accept Cash and Checks. Services at our location are by appointment only.

Please schedule weekend appointments at least 2 days in advance.


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