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Kind Words
Here you'll find kind words and feedback by others who
have experienced the Saltroom of Spokane.
"Feeling better after ... at the Saltroom. You should check it out. I'm having fewer migraines..." -Jamie
"I feel like I've been to the beach, so relaxed and extra energy! Thanks Laura for an amazing experience at the Saltroom of Spokane." -Amy
"Do you love the feeling you get when you're walking on the beach inhaling that salty coastal air? Then go visit the Saltroom of Spokane, where the same atmosphere is recreated!" -Cheryl
"My 5 year old son and I went to the Saltroom of Spokane today and I'm just thrilled at the results. Since we've had really bad fires recently and all of the smoke coupled with a few dust storms, the air quality has been really bad. We do not have respiratory issues like many but right now everyone is having issues. My son has had a runny nose for about 2 weeks off and on. It was daily but not 24/7 as it would come and go. I'd heard about the Saltroom months ago so I figured it was time to go and give it a try. We were welcomed with a warm welcome and made to feel very comfortable in the Saltroom itself. I actually dozed off for a few minutes as my little guy played with some of the wooden toys they offered to let him play with. We took big deep breaths while we were there and trusted that the salt would help our system. I believe that it did! It's been 6 hours and still no sniffling! My airway feels crisp, like it had a big yummy deep clean. I also felt very relaxed afterwards. I'm a fan and I really think that more families should give it a shot! Thank you again, Laura!" -Jessica
"I like to make salt villages with the toys when I go to the Saltroom. It's fun!" -Ari, age 8
"My Natural Clarity session at the Saltroom of Spokane was a relaxing and rejuvenating evening with friends. To my surprise, my nose remained clear for two weeks." -Jen, age 34
"I have been to the Saltroom several times and each time I leave feeling so restored in my being. My mind feels relaxed, clear, and rested - my body relaxed and rejuvenated. Most of all though my lungs and sinusís feel really good. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and am almost 52 years old now. I have always been a bit of a rebel when it comes to treatments, but this is something that makes the whole me feel good while really boosting my lungs and lung clearance. It is a therapy I can really get on board with because it treats the whole person, body mind and spirit. I believe the mind leads the body so I like treatments that feel good to me in every sense. It is how healing should be in my mind. These rooms should be everywhere. Even hours later as I sit and write this, my body still feels good. I  appreciate Laura, the owner, and the lovely space she has created to assist people in well being. I will be a regular at the Saltroom of Spokane." -Laura, age 51

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