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How do you achieve "Clarity"?
What does "Being Clear" mean to you?
Do you "Feel Clear" at certain times?
At the Saltroom of Spokane, “Clarity” refers to the enhanced state of being clear. This comes during or after a Natural Clarity Session in our Saltroom, some frequent customer comments are: “…thinking clearly,” “…a clear mind,” and “…my head feels clear.” In our case, “Clarity,” as an enhanced state of being clear, may be subjective, but the means by which it is achieved is definitely Natural!
Spending time within a salt environment is relaxing and rejuvenating. You sit in comfortable lounge chairs and listen to soft pleasant music. Salt has long been used to ritually cleanse the energy of a place or item. The major benefit of our Saltroom is that the salt naturally creates negative ions, so inside an entire room of salt the negative ion concentration is very high. Dubbed “vitamins of the air”, negative ions are very good for the body systems. A high intake of negative ions can decrease serotonin levels, and increase respiratory function as a couple of beneficial effects.
Many airborne allergy sufferers come away from a Halotherapy Series with comments like “…I can breathe clearly,” “…my nose is clear,” “…my sinuses are clear.” For these folks, using the same Natural method of spending time within a salt environment, “Clarity” means something more. Folks with chronic respiratory ailments find that a Respiratory Series greatly enhances their long-term symptom management.
There are a few countries that use Halotherapy as a standard respiratory treatment.

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