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Laura Faith
Laura's mother, Tania Gavriilovna a massage therapist certified in 1942, decided to adopt a vegetarian diet in 1960.  Tania studied health through extensive reading, consequently, Laura as a precocious young reader of English found most of the English language books in the house were health books and Prevention magazine by Robert Rodale Sr. Growing up in a home without refined foods, only natural fabrics, no "chemicals" or drugs, and lots of health information, Laura has always been aware of natural remedies and healthy living.
In college Laura studied all the prerequisite life sciences, but then decided to get a business degree instead.  While studying for her MBA in International Business, Laura married into a Finnish family. They were providing effective natural treatments for increasingly common health conditions (like psoriasis and asthma) in Scandinavia.
Laura came to experience first hand a number of natural health treatments offered at their clinic while living in Finland. Her father-in-law, a health focused inventor, created, used and sold devices he needed for the therapies he wanted to provide patients coming to his natural health clinic. Magnetic therapy, in the late 70's; Ergonomic treatment tables and chairs for massage and other practitioners, in the 80's; Therapeutic Peat products, in the late 80's; easy to use colon irrigation machines and treatment, in the 90's; ozone infusing machines and treatments, in the 90's; and halotherapy chambers and dry saline aerosol devices, in the late 90's and early 2000's.
Laura raised and home schooled her children through a number of family moves (including to the US), finally settling in Spokane in 2001. Her father-in-law helped build the Saltroom of Spokane in 2005 and Laura has been offering halotherapy (Dry Saline Aerosol) ever since. In 2012 Laura became an ordained minister and followed her passion into human design and the emotion code to bring a deeper understanding of healthy living.
When you come by the Saltroom look on the bookshelf to see Laura's childhood "reading" books:  Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss, and all Dr. Norman Walker's books."
Amy Kimsey
Amy is a certified Health Coach - USA of Advanced Studies in Raw Food programs.
Amy grew up in Oregon eating the standard American diet, fortunately supplemented by fresh garden produce. She began traveling the world at the age of 15 and enjoyed learning new food and cultures. Amy studied to become a health coach and has assisted many people to improve their health. With her youngest child in university, Amy is a full-time international adventure travel agent in her company, Healthy Adventures. She only occasionally has time to provide services at the Saltroom of Spokane as she travels the world - a lot!



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